My name is Maria Luisa, although, since I was young people called me Marisa.
I live in a spacious house in Buenos Aires -Argentina- with my family: my husband, my two children, two grandchildren, the cats and a turtle.
I'm a Medical Veterinarian, received in the UBA (University of Buenos Aires) for already almost 40 years... and member of AAMEFe board (Asociación Argentina de Medicina Felina). I am also specialist in Feline Medicine, title awarded by CPMV, Resolution No. 728/2010.


Rocky (1985-2002)


I always loved the cats, but I didn't know what was to coexist with one until 20 years ago, when a cat appeared in the balcony of the department where we lived: Rocky, the little one (I didn't know that he was a brown tabby) that changed our life.

Rocky accompanied us during almost 18 years and opened our heart to others, which through the years, accompanied us and were our friends.



Seis, our our beloved blacky, who accompanied us almost 15 years...

Not a long time ago, I came to knew the British Shorthair, by seeing a movie.

During two years I serchet to find them... and we found Grizzly, the first... little devil… she filled our heart of tenderness and joy…
Thats way I decided that our cattery has to be called "Ladiabla".
Later arrived Guilty and... all the others ones.

My cats are registred in TICA (The International Cat Association) and AFA (Asociación Felina Argentina), member of FIFe (Federation International Feline).




The British Shorthair is an extraordinary breed, they are not only beautiful by their aspect of "teddy bears" but the're also very good tempert: calm, balance, but with a strong and decided personality.
In addition they enjoy the human company, the're not noisy, don't climb so much and they don't need much grooming.
British Shorthair are breed allready for a very long time.
They are cats of medium to large size. Males are much bigger.
The body is strong, muscular and semi-cobby. The back is broad and flat, broad and rounded chest, very strong neck, short and strong legs with round and firm paws. The tail is short and thick, slightly rounded at the tip.
The head is wide and round, without angles, the snout is well defined, with short nose, wide, in line with the strong chin. The ears must be small and slightly rounded at the tips, well separated. Great, round and separate eyes, preferred copper or deep orange, in some silver variety they can also be green.
Full cheeks are characteristic of this breed.
The coat is very short, dense, with a good undercoat, like "plush". The best known color are the blue one (British Blue), although many colors can appear: black, white, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, also smoke, chinchilla, bicolor, tricolor and tabby varietis.


I want to thank the argentinean breeders who trusted my first cats: Elena and Roberto Mendez, for my unforgettable Grizzly and Carlos López, for my wonderful Guilty.
I want to thank Zina Avutrova (USA) and George Bekaert (Barcelona, Spain) who send Venancio and Annoebis from so distant countries.
To Tamila Aspen (USA), Aspen's breeder.
And to Arnau Erola (Spain), my sweet Lilita's breeder.


I hope my website will help you to lern more about this wonderful breed and enjoy it!